About Us - Studio Bogoni - Tax and Corporate Consultancy
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About Us

Studio Bogoni is made up of professionals, providing specialised consultancy and support in connection with tax, corporate and insolvency issues, on behalf of enterprises, bodies and individuals, operating both in Italy an overseas.

The Studio lends assistance to its clientele in both the physiological management and ordinary running of their business, as well as extraordinary or pathological events.

Support is offered through the analysis of specific cases, with a view to providing a «tailor-made» bespoke consultancy services for the clients, tailored to their needs.

The organisation of working activities at the Studio is characterised by the focused specialisation of its professional staff, with close attention to interdisciplinary aspects, also achieved through teamwork, and thereby offering a full and integrated service.

Faced with the numerous obstacles that companies encounter in the market, it is increasingly important to have a careful and punctual partner in consultancy and strategy.


The members of Studio, in addition to maintain customary and collaborative relationships with the most reputable tax and lawyers’ practices, are also part of important professional associations and networks (OCI, UNGDCEC, Advisor Group), actively participating in related activities, including conventions, the preparation of study documentation, as well as taking part in the associative life.

Studio Bogoni also boasts consolidated relationships with prominent professional firms and correspondents operating in the most important economic markets in Europe, Asia and America.

Furthermore, the Bogoni Firm has a consolidated professional collaboration relationship with the International Law Firm Reinhardt LLP, operating in New York, Denver and Stuttgart, https://reinhardtllp.com

Studio Bogoni is also part, as an independent member, of XLNC’s Network