Valentina Magarotto - Studio Bogoni - Tax and Corporate Consultancy
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Valentina Magarotto


Has worked with Studio Bogoni since 2013, after gaining considerable experience with a number of leading professional firms, dealing with insolvency proceedings and bank litigation. Based on the specialised training received, she offers consultancy services aimed mainly at troubleshooting for financial brokers (usury, violations of the Italian Consolidated Banking Law (T.U.B.) and the Italian Consolidated Law on Financial Intermediation (T.U.F.), and provisions regulating transparency and fair dealing, liability for inappropriate reports to the Italian Central Credit Register) and assisting the Client at every stage, from drawing up technical reports to pin-pointing the best defensive strategy, both in and out-of-court. Though to a lesser degree, she also participates in the handling of insolvency proceedings.

She was awarded a Degree in Economy at Padova University in 2004 and has been a member of the Padova Association of Chartered Accountants and recorded in the Register of Statutory Auditors since 2012.


Languages: Italian – English – French.